This hike is great for people of all ages and abilities. The trail is a 2 mile loop. The gradual incline up is a wide trail, great for walking next to your friends. If you go in the winter or fall, you’ll be sure to see lots of icicles on the right side of the trail.


Essential Items List

BackPackDiagramGoing on a weekend trip? Have no idea what to bring? Here’s a list of essentials to pack. Not everything on this list is necessary for every single trip, so pack accordingly. Word of advice: If you’re just going for the weekend, pack what you need to make you comfortable, but don’t overpack. Over a few days, you won’t need more than a couple changes of clothes.

Cedar Cliff

Cedar cliff is a personal favorite. It’s easy and quick to get to,  and the hike is short,

Clouds looking mighty fine on the top of Cedar Cliff.

Clouds looking mighty fine on the top of Cedar Cliff.

challenging, and has a kick-ass view at the top. When you get started you may think to yourself, “wow, this sucks” because it is all uphill. Don’t fret, because it flattens out for a bit before the short ascent to the top.  Prepare to be hiking uphill for about 25-40 minutes.

Tips for making this hike more enjoyable: If you have trekking poles, or find a sturdy stick in the woods, it could be helpful for getting up the steep terrain. When I took my parents up there, they were mad at me for telling them they wouldn’t need their poles.