This hike is great for people of all ages and abilities. The trail is a 2 mile loop. The gradual incline up is a wide trail, great for walking next to your friends. If you go in the winter or fall, you’ll be sure to see lots of icicles on the right side of the trail.

Once you get to the clearing at the top, you can turn right to continue on the 2 mile loop, or if you’re feeling adventurous, take the small, hidden trail towards the left side of the clearing. The trail is to the right of the information sign, and takes you downhill to some other awesome views.

Whiteside mountain. Photo by: Sam Cook

Whiteside mountain. Photo by: Sam Cook

If you continue on the 2 mile loop like most people, you are in for a fun, easy walk across the edge of the mountain. It is awesome because the actual hiking part is easy, but thrilling at the same time since you are so close to the edge. There is a wire gate across a large portion of it to ensure you don’t fall off. Lookouts galore. If you want to get some lookouts to yourself, just follow some of the small trails off to the left side of the trail. Some of the little trails lead to nothing; others lead to perfect spots for hanging out and enjoying the view.


Difficulty: Easy

Length: 2 miles roundtrip

Pros: Views galore, icicles

Cons: Trail can be muddy at times, easy to slip. On a beautiful day, it is usually crowded.

Trailhead: Whiteside

Directions to Trailhead: –From campus make a left on to 107 towards Cashiers.

-At the main light in Cashiers make a right on to US 64.

-Drive 4.7 miles and make a left onto Whiteside Mountain Road

-You will see a brown sign marked: “Whiteside Mountain Trail.” Continue for 1.1 miles.

-Parking area is well marked and will be on your left.


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