Waterrock Knob

Waterrock knob is on the Plott Balsams Mountain range and is full of beautiful views and steps (many, many steps). While the difficulty I was feeling was probably from my lack of healthy lifestyle; Waterrock Knob is a fairly easy hike. Being a little over 2.5 mile round trip, this hike is worth it.

At the top is a view that overlooks into a valley that has the Blue Ridge Parkway running through it. The gnats were probably my buddy and I’s worst opposition during the hike. I would definitely suggest grabbing a can of bug spray for the hike.

The first part of the trail is a paved path. After that it is nothing but off-road trails all the way to the top. The trail is uphill going to the top and downhill going back to the parking lot.

My friend, who is in way better shape, said the hike was fairly easy. He also pointed out that the hike was very misleading. Spite having the name Waterrock Knob, there is no water anywhere on the hike what so ever. If you go on this hike in early spring or late in the fall; remember to take layers because it is on the mountain and the wind blows. Definitely worth the trip!

Directions: -From WCU get on 107 heading towards Sylva

-You will drive through Sylva until you come up on the stop light at Bogarts

-Take a right at the light

-Follow this road until it gets to the split and take the ramp on your right onto Smoky Mountain Highway that heads towards Waynesville

-You will travel a little over ten minutes or around 11 miles until you get to the Blue ridge Parkway.

-The parkway will be on your left

-Head north on the Blue Ridge Parkway

-At mile marker 451.2, the road to Waterrock Knob will be on your right in a deep curve. This road ends in the parking lot of Waterrock Knob.


Elevation: 6,293

Difficulty: Easy-moderate. Great hike to take kids or parents on or after a long day of classes.

Length: 1mile roundtrip

Pros: Sweet views

Cons: Short hike


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