If you’re looking for adventure, Panthertown has it. Whether you want to take a stroll in the woods or go all out up and down mountains all day everyday for a backpacking trip, you will not be disappointed.


Waterrock Knob

Waterrock knob is on the Plott Balsams Mountain range and is full of beautiful views and steps (many, many steps). While the difficulty I was feeling was probably from my lack of healthy lifestyle; Waterrock Knob is a fairly easy hike. Being a little over 2.5 mile round trip, this hike is worth it.


Hike Blackrock at sunset or sunrise. Drive to Pinnacle Park, located a few miles down Fisher Creek Rd. You can hike either Blackrock or Pinnacle. Both are about the same distance. West Fork Trail takes you to both destinations. I’ve done both the East Fork and West Fork Trail and trust me, you will be a happier camper if you take West Fork. It’s easier on you and is a gradual uphill. East Fork is straight up and seems to never end. Only fun thing about East Fork is a cool little waterfall but it’s nothing special. (At least not worth the extra push uphill for a lazy person like me). Some people I’ve talked to think West Fork doesn’t go to both destinations but it does so don’t listen to those people because they don’t know what they are talking about.

Charlies Bunion

Located in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Charlie’s Bunion is a challenging, awesome hike on the Appalachian Trail with spectacular views. The 4.5 miles up to the top is a long, steady climb but is not too strenuous. Since the trail is uphill, it leaves many of the tourists and crowds behind, so you’ll have most of the